Tamer El-Guindy is known as one of the most conditioned competitors to ever step on a stage. His superb conditioning and unstoppable ability to endure pain gained him the nickname, THE RAZOR.

Tamer is a 2-time Mr. USA (2009, 2011) and an IFBB Professional Bodybuilder.

Tamer became interested in bodybuilding as a young boy growing up in Sao Paolo, Brazil and became inspired by bodybuilding greats such as: Samir Bannout, Dorian Yates, Nasser El-Sonbaty, and Kevin Levrone. Tamer had already cultivated the necessary traits such as passion, dedication, consistency, and had acquired the taste for athletic victory through many team sports while growing up. He had a natural athletic ability from many years of playing soccer, basketball, swimming, and track/field; as a result of this, he decided that he would pursue bodybuilding.

From a very young age, his parents, Iara and Moustafa El-Guindy instilled the importance of education. Throughout his post-graduate schooling, Tamer continued to work in the fitness industry by day while training hard at night - dividing his time between his studies, and his newfound passion for bodybuilding as well as the history of bodybuilding.

Throughout his competitive career in the NPC/IFBB, he has been actively pursuing his educational and career goals.

Tamer holds two Masters; A Masters in Business Administration with an emphasis on Finance & Accounting, and a Masters in Organizational Leadership.

His career in the fitness industry extends for over 20 years and he currently holds the titles of:

· Director of International Franchising for Gold's Gym
· NPC Co-Chairman for Southern California
· President of Musclecontest.com
· NPC/IFBB Head Judge
· IFBB Professional Bodybuilder
· 2x Mr. USA—2009, 2011

You can download a copy of Tamer's Resume here.